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Typical food of Vancouver, Canada

The cuisine of this beautiful destination is mainly based on fish, especially salmon and organic products produced in the region.
Vancouver is a beautiful destination which currently features one of the largest culinary diversities. Due to its multicultural diversity, this city has a variety of restaurants serving different specialties. Among the products that are primarily consumed, are five different types of salmon, which can be accompanied by other shellfish, especially the spiny spider crab. In addition, there is a variety of dishes based on reindeer meat and local fruits. A tradition that characterizes its residents, is their preference for dishes known as "tapas", usually enjoyed between two or three people. Other local specialties include the English style roasts, with delicious beef or lamb fillets; together with the famous smoked meat in the famous "smoked meat sandwich". You can also enjoy the exquisite "pate chinois", a Chinese paste consisting of minced meat with corn and mashed potatoes.

As one of the main British legacies, tea is a very traditional beverage that you can enjoy with any dish; as well as the wines that are produced in the region of British Columbia.

To sweeten your palate, any dessert is ideal to enjoy in the beautiful city of Vancouver, but among the most popular ones, we can mention those that can be accompanied with traditional maple honey, like the delicious "trempette", which is prepared with fried bread soaked in syrup and covered with cream.

To enjoy the incredible culinary variety of this destination, we can mention the C Restaurant, offering an extensive menu based on seafood, featuring a beautiful panoramic view of False Creek. At Tojo's restaurant you can enjoy exquisite Japanese cuisine, as the "BC Roll", prepared with barbecued salmon and cucumber skin, along with its variety of dishes that are prepared with organic products.

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Smoked meat sandwich,Vancouver, Canada

Smoked meat sandwich Delicious sandwich prepared with smoked meat.

Pate chinois,Vancouver, Canada

Pate chinois Exquisite dish made of ground beef, served with mashed potatoes and corn.

Trempette,Vancouver, Canada

Trempette Traditional dessert, very similar to the famous American pancake, which is customary to enjoy with maple syrup.