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Typical food of Santiago de Cali, Colombia

The gastronomy of this destination is the result of the great fusion and diversity of races and cultures that have existed in its history. It is mainly based on rice, pork, beans, corn, potatoes, and chicken.
Cali is a city with great cultural diversity and its exquisite cuisine is an example of it, featuring patties, tamales, "arroz atollao", with a wet consistency, prepared with spicy pork sausage, pork, and potatoes; and the delicious "sancocho de gallina".

Among the typical drinks, we can mention the popular "champú", prepared with corn, pineapple, lulo, and orange leaves. You can also try "cholao", a regional drink prepared with crushed ice, chopped fruit, essences, and condensed milk.

After delighting your palate with the exquisite dishes of Cali, you can enjoy desserts as "Manjar blanco", consisting of a kind of white paste prepared with milk and sugar and served with bread, although it can be used as filling for cookies and alfajores; as well as "cocadas", "gelatinas de pata", "macetas del valle", and "aborrajado", which is prepared with ripe banana and cheese.

There is a wide variety of specialty restaurants in the city, but if you want to try authentic Colombian food, Cali Viejo Restaurante offers typical menus and beautiful landscapes.

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Arroz atollao,Santiago de Cali, Colombia

Arroz atollao Delicious rice with a wet consistency, plus spicy pork sausage, pork, and potatoes.

Aborrajado,Santiago de Cali, Colombia

Aborrajado Typical dessert prepared with cheese and ripe banana.

,Santiago de Cali, Colombia

Champú Traditional drink prepared with corn, pineapple, lulo, and orange leaves.

Manjar blanco,Santiago de Cali, Colombia

Manjar blanco Exquisite sweet prepared with milk and sugar, very similar to milk caramel.