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Typical food of Cali, Colombia

Its cuisine is heritage of the great blend and diversity of races and cultures that have existed throughout its history. It is based mainly on rice, pork, beans, corn, potatoes, and chicken.

Cali is a city with a delicious cuisine as a sample of its cultural diversity. The traditional dishes include empanadas, a stuffed pastry baked or fried; tamales, and arroz atollado which is rice with a creamy consistency prepared with longaniza, pork, yellow potatoes, and chicken stew. Typical drinks include the famous champú, prepared with corn, pineapple, a citrus fruit called lulo, and orange leaves; and the cholado, prepared with crushed ice, fruit in pieces, essences, and condensed milk. After enjoying the delicious food of Cali, you can also taste sweet desserts such as the manjar blanco, a kind of white pastry cream made with milk, sugar, served with bread or used as filling for cookies and alfajores. Other typical desserts include coconut candy, beef jelly, macetas del Valle, which are candy-tree with figures made in sugar; and aborrajados, consisting of fried plantains stuffed with cheese. There is a wide variety of restaurants of different specialties in the city, but if you are looking to try Colombian cuisine, Cali Viejo Restaurant offers a traditional menu where you can also enjoy a beautiful scenery.


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Arroz atollao,Cali, Colombia

Arroz atollao Delicious rice with a wet consistency, plus spicy pork sausage, pork, and potatoes.

Aborrajado,Cali, Colombia

Aborrajado Typical dessert prepared with cheese and ripe banana.

<p>Champús</p>,Cali, Colombia


Traditional beverage prepared with corn, pineapple, lulo, and orange leaves.

Manjar blanco,Cali, Colombia

Manjar blanco Exquisite sweet prepared with milk and sugar, very similar to milk caramel.