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Typical food of Roatan, Honduras

Roatan cuisine has Spanish, African, and Creole influences. Corn and seafood are the main ingredients and provide a Caribbean touch.
The main ingredient of Roatan cuisine is seafood, used to prepare dishes such as the conch ceviche with lemon, onion, tomato, herbs, and spices. “Tapao” is a seafood soup with lobster, crab, fish, shrimps, squid, and conch; seasoned with butter, garlic and onion; boiled in coconut cream, and garnished with green plantain slices. Fresh shrimps breaded with a shredded coconut mixture and fried in coconut oil is a very popular dish. “Baleada” is a Garifuna dish, similar to a Mexican burrito and prepared with a wheat tortilla stuffed with fried beans, chopped boiled egg, avocado, beef or chicken, cheese, and butter. It is usually served for breakfast or dinner.

To accompany these dishes, you can have some “Pinol”, a traditional beverage with corn and cocoa beans. You can also have “Atol de maíz”, a warm beverage made with milk, corn cob, cinnamon, sugar, salt, and garnished with corn grains.

Honey donuts are a typical Honduran dessert made with corn flour and covered with sugar cane syrup, cinnamon, and clove. They are usually served with black coffee.

Palmetto Bay is a restaurant offering regional cuisine in a tropical ambiance. It is located on the beach, within a palm tree field.

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Atol de maíz,Roatan, Honduras

Atol de maíz Hot beverage made with corn and milk.

Camarones con coco,Roatan, Honduras

Camarones con coco Shrimps breaded in coconut and fried in coconut oil.

Ceviche de caracol,Roatan, Honduras

Ceviche de caracol Conch slices cooked in lemon juice.

Rosquillas de miel,Roatan, Honduras

Rosquillas de miel Honduran dessert, usually served with black coffee.

Tapao,Roatan, Honduras

Tapao Seafood soup with coconut milk and green plantain.