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Typical food of Guatemala City, Guatemala

The cuisine of Guatemala is characterized by having a diverse flavor, whose origin is a mix between the Mayan, the Spanish and the mestizo gastronomies. Families prepare each of the traditional dishes with a special flavor and aroma, which together form the delicious Guatemalan cuisine.
Guatemala is a culinary destination with endless choices to savor. Let's begin with the delicious "chuchitos", a kind of tamale which constitutes a traditional and iconic dish of the local cuisine, made of corn dough and an exquisite filling of beef or pork. To complement it you can add tomato sauce and sprinkle it with hard cheese of the region of Zacapa. Those who visit this beautiful country in November, cannot miss the chance to eat a delicious "fiambre", a salad which can contain more than 50 ingredients, and that is usually eaten the first day of the month to celebrate all saint's day. This dish is prepared in a different way in each home, but it mostly consists of a combination of beef trimmings, sausages, vegetables, and cheese, and it is complemented with several kinds of dressings. Other typical regional dishes include "tapado", a national version of the famous bouillabaisse, a seafood soup cooked in coconut milk and accompanied by plantains and other vegetables such as tomato, yucca, and onion. The "pepián" is a stew that received the title of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Nation by the Guatemalan government, and it is made with beef or chicken and vegetables as vegetable and potato, served in a broth made with chili, tomato, onion, sesame seed, garlic, and cinnamon. To improve its already delicious flavor, locals serve it with white rice and tortillas.

Regarding the typical drinks of the region, it is worth to mention coffee, considered one of the best in the world for its strong aroma, nice acidity, and delicate sweetness, a combination resulting in an xquisite and balanced cup. Among the main regional coffees we can mention Coban, Huehuetenango, and Antigua. Another hot beverage that is very popular is "atole de elote", a drink based on corn and corn kernels, usually enjoyed with cinnamon powder.

The Guatemalan tables also offer a wide diversity of delicious sweets, such as "canillas de leche", a caramel which takes up to three hours to be prepared; the "cocadas", baked coconut dough and milk. The "paciencias" are crispy delicacies made with egg whites, flour, sugar, and lemon, shaped as cookies that are dry inside and that usually melts in the mouth.

If you want to eat something typical of Guatemala City, you should visit the stall of Doña Mela, at Mercado Central. With almost 50 years of existence, her diner competes with the best food stalls thanks to the exquisite flavors and variety of typical dishes, such as "plátano en mole" and "tortillas de maíz con picado de buche". El Kacao is another restaurant which serves typical Guatemalan dishes within a charming atmosphere, where the chef strives every day to prepare culinary delicacies for the lovers of local cuisine.

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Fiambre,Guatemala City, Guatemala

Fiambre Salad which can have over 50 ingredients, including meat cuts, sausages, vegetables, cheese, and various types of dressings.

Tapado,Guatemala City, Guatemala

Tapado Seafood soup cooked in coconut milk and served with bananas and other vegetables such as tomatoes, yucca, and onions.

Pepián,Guatemala City, Guatemala

Pepián Dish prepared with beef or chicken and vegetables, served in a broth made with chili, tomatoes, onions, sesame seeds, garlic, and cinnamon.

Café guatemalteco,Guatemala City, Guatemala

Café guatemalteco Guatemalan coffee, considered one of the best in the world for its strong aroma, pleasant acidity, and delicate sweetness.

Paciencias,Guatemala City, Guatemala

Paciencias Crunchy toasted delights made with egg, flour, sugar, and lemon that melt in the mouth.