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Typical food of Bogota, Colombia

This city offers a wide variety of dishes based on a mixture of fresh indigenous and Spanish ingredients with a strong African influence in their preparation.
In Bogotá, as in the rest of the country, it is very traditional to prepare dishes based on pork, potatoes, beans, corn, rice, and soups. Among the most typical dishes in the region is "ajiaco santafereño", a delicious chicken soup with a wide variety of potatoes; "lechona", pork stuffed with rice and typical meat of Tolima; the exquisite "Bandeja Paisa", a mixture of beans, egg, meat, rice, and plantains; it can also contain pork derives, such as chorizoand cracklings. In this destination you can also enjoy exquisite patties with rice, meat, and vegetables.

To accompany any of these dishes, it is quite common to find refreshing fruit juices made of passion fruit, strawberries, blackberries, and guava. One of the typical drinks of Bogotá is "masato", made of rice, sugar, clove, and cinnamon. On the other hand, you can also enjoy the traditional liquor made with sugarcane alcohol and anise. During the cold seasons you can try a beverage called "El Canelazo", prepared with "panela", cinnamon, and "aguardiente"; it is usually enjoyed in clay jars or in thick cups.

To sweeten the palate you can also enjoy wafers filled with "arequipe" (sweet made with milk and sugar) curdled with muskmelon. Rice pudding and custards can be considered typical desserts of Bogota. It is also important to mention the sweets with blackberry syrup, lemon, and mountain papaya.

In Bogotá you can find numerous restaurants serving excellent and delicious dishes. You should undoubtedly visit Restaurante Casa San Isidro, located on the top of Mount Monserrate, where you can enjoy dishes as "lomito de res", "pescado congrio", and salmon. Casa Vieja is another excellent choice to try typical dishes, as "ajiaco santafereño" and the classic "postre de natas".

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Ajiaco santafereño
,Bogota, Colombia

Ajiaco santafereño Delicious chicken soup with a great variety of potatoes.

Bandeja Paisa,Bogota, Colombia

Bandeja Paisa Mixture of beans, egg, meat, rice, plantain, chorizo, and cracklings.

Canelazo,Bogota, Colombia

Canelazo Drink based on aguardiente with cinnamon.

Masato,Bogota, Colombia

Masato Drink based on rice, sugar, clove, and cinnamon.