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Typical food of Barranquilla, Colombia

Barranquilla offers a wide variety of dishes which have been influenced by the different cultures that converge in the area, especially the Caribbean.
The quintessential dish of Barranquilla is "arroz de lisa", a meal made of liza (a type of mullet), various vegetables, and spices, usually served in a yucca leaf. Local cuisine also includes "sancocho de guandú", a soup consisting of meat, tubers, vegetables, and seasonings; "butifarra", a sausage made with chunks of pork and seasoned with salt and spices; and "queso costeño", a Colombian type of cheese known for its salty flavor and hard consistency. These meals are served with the traditional arepas (corn cakes), being the arepa with egg the most popular in Barranquilla. Another garrison can be "patacón", green plantain chips; or rice with black zucchini.

To refresh your throat, in Barranquilla is customary to drink "raspaos", sorbets made with shaved ice; "bolis", a sort of popsicle made in different flavors; "agua de panela", unrefined whole cane sugar dissolved in boiling water; and healthy juices made of fruits as corozo, tamarind, sapote, and níspero.

To sweeten your palate, there are all kinds of desserts where coconut is present, as "enyucado", a cake made of yucca, sugar, cheese, coconut milk, cream, and aniseed; and "arropilla", made with brown sugar and coconut milk. Another typical dessert of Barranquilla is "alegría", a sweet made of sesame seeds, coconut, and brown sugar.

There are three restaurants in town distinguished for their contribution to the culinary heritage of the city, El Corral Marisco, El Tremendo Guandú, and La Tiendecita. You cannot miss the chance to try their various delicacies during your visit to Barranquilla.

You can't miss this

Arroz de lisa,Barranquilla, Colombia

Arroz de lisa Delicious rice with vegetables.

Bollo de yuca,Barranquilla, Colombia

Bollo de yuca Bun resembling a tamale, made of yucca.

Agua de panela,Barranquilla, Colombia

Agua de panela Fresh drink made of brown sugar with a touch of lemon.

Enyucado,Barranquilla, Colombia

Enyucado Cake made with yucca.