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Typical food of Villahermosa, Mexico

The gastronomy of Villahermosa is unique, consisting of a mix of Mayan and Chontal recipes with Spanish-style stews. Cuisine is mostly based on meat, fruits, and local spices, not consumed in other parts of Mexico, so every meal will be a discovery.
The garpike is a curious animal with the body of a fish and a lizard head, is used to prepare exotic dishes such as "Pejelagarto asado," seasoned with lemon and amashito chili and grilled over charcoal grilled; and "Chirmol de pejelagarto," a stew similar to mole that is prepared with pumpkin seeds and epazote. Another specialty is "Torta de iguana," prepared with boneless minced iguana meat, mixed with eggs, seasoned with parsley, onion, and garlic; and baked on banana leaves. The salted meat is another delicacy that is prepared in two ways: with "Chaya" (regional plant) and served with banana and aromatic chipilín leaves; or with black beans and salty pork, served with white rice, coriander, radishes, onion, chili, and lemon. "Róbalo a la tabasqueña" is a delicious recipe consisting of sea bass stuffed with squid, octopus, and shrimp, flavored with orange juice, and served over chaya leaves, white rice and green banana. Other original recipes are "Tepezcuintle adobado" (roasted local rodent); "Tortuga en sangre" (turtle meat with a tomato-based seasoning); "Pochitoque en verde" (turtle in green sauce); "Mondongo en verde y pigua (prawn) al mojo de ajo."

After a meal, nothing better than a delicious dessert. You can delight with "Tortilla de coco" (a baked mixture of coconut and breadcrumbs); "Dulce de zapote mamey" (made with figs and honey); "Pan de plátano" (banana cake), and "Dulce de oreja de mico" (made from papaya and sugar). To refresh your palate you can taste "Pozol," the traditional cold drink of Villahermosa made with nixtamal, ground cocoa, and water; or "Atole agrio," prepared with fermented corn and sweet bread.

Among the most popular restaurants you can find La Lupita, which creates works of art with seafood; Capitán Beuló, offering typical local cuisine and the chance of a ride on the Grijalva River, while you enjoy one of its delicious dishes; El Ganadero, an ideal place to try delicious steaks; Los Tulipanes, offering a wide variety of dishes from Tabasco; Rodizio Do Brasil, as the name implies, it serves Brazilian cuisine.

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Pejelagarto asado
,Villahermosa, Mexico

Pejelagarto asado Garpike prepared with lemon juice and chili, roasted over wood or coal fire.