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Typical food of Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana offers dishes with Californian influences mixed with its own ingredients, and include French, Spanish, and Italian flavors

One of the most popular dishes from Tijuana is the Tijuana-style taco, prepared with a cone of corn tortilla stuffed with meat and served with avocado and hot sauce; grilled meat tacos, and chili with meat, a kind of thick soup or stew containing meat, chili, and beans.

The most locally and internationally renowned dish is the famous Caesar salad, a delicious mix of lettuce topped with a dressing made with egg, olive oil, and parmesan cheese. This salad was invented at a restaurant in Tijuana by the Mexican chef of Italian origin, Cesar Cardini in 1920.

A new gastronomic trend in Tijuana is the Bajamed cuisine, a specialty that combines the typical Mexican ingredients as pork rinds and Cotija cheese, with Mediterranean ingredients such as olive oil, and Asian touches as lemongrass. An example of this is the tempura fish taco.

The main drinks in town are tequila and beer, highlighting the Tijuana brand, made based on an ancient recipe from the former Republic of Czechoslovakia. The L.A. Cetto wine is produced by the largest wine company in Mexico, which exports over 21 countries.

For tasting the best Bajamed cuisine, you can go to La Querencia, property of the chef Miguel Ángel Guerrero, creator of the concept; for trying fish tacos, Mariscos El Mazateño, is the right place; and Caesar’s is a renowned restaurant serving the best Caesar sald.

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Taco Tijuana,Tijuana, Mexico

Taco Tijuana Cone-shaped corn tortilla stuffed with meat and served with red sauce and avocado.

Cerveza Tijuana,Tijuana, Mexico

Cerveza Tijuana

Beer based on a recipe from the former Republic of Czechoslovakia.