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Typical food of Tijuana, Mexico

Due to its proximity to the state of California, the variety of local ingredients, and the influence of French, Spanish, Italian, and American cuisines, Tijuana offers an interesting and wide gastronomic offer.
The most popular dishes include Tijuana-style taco, a corn tortilla with a peculiar cone shape stuffed with meat and served with avocado and hot sauce. There are also grilled meat tacos and “Chile con carne,” a kind of thick soup or stew that contains beef, chili peppers, and red beans.

The most renowned dish, not only locally but also internationally, is the famous Caesar Salad, a delicious mix of lettuce with an exquisite dressing made with eggs, olive oil, and parmesan cheese. This salad was invented in a restaurant in Tijuana by the Italian-Mexican chef César Cardini in the 1920s.

The most popular drinks of the city are tequila and beer, including the brand Tijuana, based on an old recipe from the extinct Czech Republic.

Restaurants are an important part of the city, and some of the most popular are Caesar's, a restaurant known for having the best Caesar Salad; Cheripan, the best Argentinean restaurant of the city; Chiki Jai, an excellent Spanish restaurant; Los Arcos, famous for its variety of quesadillas and Tijuana-style tacos; and La Espadaña, a Spanish restaurant that offers unforgettable breakfasts. Other well-known restaurants are Merlot Bistro, El Mazateno, and La Escondida.

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Taco Tijuana,Tijuana, Mexico

Taco Tijuana Cone-shaped corn tortilla stuffed with meat and served with red sauce and avocado.

Cerveza Tijuana,Tijuana, Mexico

Cerveza Tijuana A beer that is made based on an old recipe from the extinct Czech Republic.