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Typical food of Taxco, Mexico

Like every colonial city steeped in history, Taxco has a cuisine with pre-Hispanic ingredients, fused with European flavors, resulting in original dishes.
Two exotic options that you cannot miss during your visit to Taxco are “tamales de iguana” and “jumiles”. "Jumiles" are insects which can be prepared in many ways, as in “mole”, in a hand-made tortilla, or in a sauce, mixed with dry chili peppers. In fact, it is common to find them in jars in markets and regional eateries. They can be eaten alive or as an accompaniment to some other dish.

Those who are less adventurous may prefer a more traditional option, such as “pozole guerrerense”, which can be easily found in several typical cuisine restaurants of the city. Other options are “queso al cilantro”, a simple but recommendable dish, particularly with sauce on a tortilla; and “barbacoa de chivo”, and the traditional “pan de muertos”.

Before leaving Taxco, you should try the regional beverage, known as “Berta”, a refreshing spirited beverage made from Tequila, a local soft drink namaed Yoli, honey, and lemon, served in a glass with crushed ice.

In Taxco, some of the restaurants where you can find the greatest variety of dishes at an affordable price are Armando's, Café Sasha, Tía Calla, Acerto, and La Parroquia.

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Jumiles,Taxco, Mexico


Small insects with cinnamon flavor that can be eaten in a handmade tortilla with sauce, dried chilies, or mole.

Berta,Taxco, Mexico

Berta Delicious refreshing beverage prepared with tequila, a soft drink named Yoli, honey, and lemon, served in a glass with crushed ice.

Pozole guerrerense,Taxco, Mexico

Pozole guerrerense

Dish prepared with corn and pork, it can be white or green. It is accompanied with lettuce, oregano, radish, and onion.

Fiambre,Taxco, Mexico


Combination of meat with spices and fruits.