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Typical food of Saltillo, Mexico

Saltillo is a livestock region offering steaks of excellent quality. In addition, it is famous for the cabrito or roast goat kid, and milk products

Fritada de cabrito, is one of the most popular dishes of Saltillo, a goat kid seasoned with salt, spices, and some vegetables, boiled, fried, and cooked in its own blood and served with rice, beans, and tortillas.

The machaca and pork crackling are used in the traditional gorditas and fritadas, prepared with goat kid meat. Fine cuts are usually served with flour tortillas; and roasted pork and tamales are also very popular in this region

To delight your palate, Saltillo offers delicious milk caramel sweets, as nut cheese, milk caramel with walnut pieces; jamoncillo, quince cheese, and the delicious suaderos, jelly rolls filled with pine nut and almond. You can also find the pulque bread, prepared with this traditional beverage obtained from agave, giving it a very special flavor and scent; the nut pattieschorreadas, a kind of cookies; and the Ramos ice creams of coconut, mango, lemon, melon, and walnut.

The pear and quince liquors are the traditional drinks of this city, besides the communion wine, known as Blood of Christ, which is also used as table wine and is produced in the town of Parras de la Fuente.

You can visit the Salazar Street in the historic center to taste these delicacies, where you will find a variety of sweets, and La Carreta restaurant offers regional and Mexican specialties.

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Cabrito al pastor
,Saltillo, Mexico

Cabrito al pastor

Goat kid seasoned with salt and spices, and cooked over charcoal fire.

Obleas con dulce de leche
,Saltillo, Mexico

Obleas con dulce de leche Traditional sweet stuffed with milk caramel.

Pan de pulque
,Saltillo, Mexico

Pan de pulque Sweet bread typical of the region, made from "pulque", the traditional beverage.

Nieves de Ramos
,Saltillo, Mexico

Nieves de Ramos Delicious coconut, mango, lemon, melon, and walnut sorbets.

Fritada de cabrito
,Saltillo, Mexico

Fritada de cabrito Kid boiled and cooked with vegetables in a saucepan on the grill.