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Typical food of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

The simple ingredients of the gastronomy in this destination will allow you to merge your senses with the delicious taste of its dishes.
The typical cuisine of Punta Cana is an exquisite blend of European, Indian, and Asian customs, in which the use of coconut and bananas is common in many dishes, eaten at any time of day. Among the main dishes that you can enjoy in this beautiful Caribbean destination, you can find "Bandera", which is made with rice, beans, meat, salad, and fried bananas; the popular "Guineos", as they call the bananas, often prepared boiled or fried, although the most traditional way is in puree. "Mangu" is another typical delicious dish, prepared with green bananas and in the same way as the "guineos". Another very important traditional dish is "Mofongo", also made with green plantains and pork. "Picapollo" is another famous dish, prepared with fried and breaded chicken, accompanied with slices of fried bananas or potatoes. As in most coastal destinations, fish and seafood are an essential part in the cuisine of the city, including fish fillets, usually grouper or red snapper -"chillo" as it is locally known-, served with garlic or coconut, in a Creole style with a delicious tomato sauce or with a spicy tomato sauce; and seafood such as crab, octopus, shrimp, and winkle. Other typical dishes are "Moro", a mixture of beans, rice, and meat, sometimes accompanied with cod; "Sancocho", which is made with seven varieties of meat and a mixture of cassava, potato, banana, coriander, and other ingredients. "El Asopao", a delicious soup of rice, chicken, and tomato, with coriander, and in some places, with seafood; this dish is ideal to be enjoyed after a heavy night out.

In Punta Cana you can enjoy a wide variety of traditional beverages, including the popular shakes made with pineapple, papaya, sapota, mixed with water or milk, sugar, and ice. The refreshing fruit juices or soft drinks, which are freshly prepared with "chinola" (passion fruit), pineapple, and tamarind. "Mabi" is another popular beverage that is made from the bark of tropical vines. "Mamajuana" is a drink with rum that can be combined with different ingredients such as cinnamon and fresh clove, as well as seafood like octopus, squid, and shrimp, ideal for adventurous palates. Another of the most refreshing beverages is the famous "Morir soñando", which is made with sugar, evaporated milk, and orange juice.

After enjoying any of these delicious popular dishes, you cannot miss typical delicious sweets as "habichuelas con dulce", which are prepared with beans, milk, sugar, and raisins, very traditional for Easter. Another delicious dessert is "Majarete", creamed corn with cinnamon; "Jalao", a coconut sweet with molasses shaped into a ball; and milk caramel paste, that can be enjoyed by itself or with fruit fillings as orange and guava.

There is a variety of restaurants for every taste, you can enjoy exquisite specialties while watching the beautiful scenery, such as Captain Cook, which serves different dishes based on fish and seafood.

You can't miss this

Bandera,Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Bandera Traditional dish made with rice, beans, meat, and fried bananas.

Guineos,Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Guineos "Guineos" or bananas, are the base for many dishes in this destination; they are commonly served fried or smashed and as a complement.

Picapollo,Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Picapollo Exquisite typical fast-food dish made with fried and breaded chicken, served with fried bananas or French fries.

Mamajuana,Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Mamajuana Typical beverage prepared with many ingredients mixed with rum.

Habichuelas con dulce,Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Habichuelas con dulce Typical sweet prepared with beans, evaporated milk, sugar, and cinnamon. You can accompany it with vanilla biscuits.

Jalao,Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Jalao Sweet made with grated coconut and molasses or fudge.