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Typical food of Mexicali, Mexico

The cuisine of Mexicali has international influences, especially from China

The city of Mexicali has a strong cultural influence from other countries, and its cuisine is no exception. Local cuisine was influenced by the United States, China, Japan, and the indigenous cultures of Mexico, and it is based mainly on meat and seafood. Some of the city's main dishes include asado mexicano, a Mexican barbecue, tacos de carne asada, grilled beef tacos, chiles rellenos de mariscos, poblano chili stuffed with seafood, and camarones rellenos de queso, shrimp filled with cheese, as well as rollitos primavera, spring rolls, and pollo agridulce, sweet and sour chicken from the Chinese cuisine, with the particular touch of Mexicali.

Regarding traditional drinks, Mexicali has become a major regional wine producer and offers the finest vintages. Cold beer is mandatory if you want to savor a fine seafood dish; it can be prepared with tomato sauce, called chabela. You can also enjoy a margarita.

If you visit the city, we recommend visiting Restaurante Laguna Azul, which will delight you with its famous camarones al aguachile, shrimps in a local style; and La Palapa de las Carnes, a family restaurant and an excellent option to enjoy prime steaks such as rib-eye and asado de arrachera. If you wish to try Chinese cuisine in the style of Mexicali, the China House restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, including its specialty, ribs with pineapple.

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Camarones al aguachile,Mexicali, Mexico

Camarones al aguachile Shrimp with vegetables seasoned with lemon juice.

Camarones rellenos de queso,Mexicali, Mexico

Camarones rellenos de queso Shrimps stuffed with cream cheese and served with vegetables.

Chiles rellenos de mariscos,Mexicali, Mexico

Chiles rellenos de mariscos

Traditional Mexican dish based on the poblano chili stuffed with seafood, mainly shrimp and fish.

Rollitos primavera,Mexicali, Mexico

Rollitos primavera Traditional Chinese dish stuffed with steamed vegetables and served with a hot sauce.

<p>Tacos de carne asada</p>,Mexicali, Mexico

Tacos de carne asada

Served in corn or flour tortilla, the meat is usually marinated in a special mix and it is served with guacamole, sauce, and lemon.