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Typical food of Havana, Cuba, Cuba

Strongly influenced by the European, Asian, and African cultures, the gastronomy of Havana is varied and plentiful.
The gastronomy in Havana is based mostly on fried foods and meat, being its best known and most traditional dish the "Congrí", which is based on fried rice, onion, beans, and bacon. Other typical dishes are "Frijoles durmientes", a bean puree; and the traditional "Moros y cristianos", a mixture of rice and beans. Other typical specialties of the area are "Puerco asado o ahumado", roasted or smoked prok; and the popular "Pollo a la criolla", consisting of a soup prepared with chicken and vegetables such as potato, tomatoes, and onions. In addition, one of the main examples of this fusion of cultures is "Ajiaco", which consists of a soup made with corn and meat, including pork, chicken, and beef.

Regarding desserts, it is common that after any of these delicacies local people eat a delicious "Cocada" and "Merengues duros". One of the main characteristics of the Cuban desserts is that they tend to be very sweet, even oversweet for some people. Even coffee is served very sweetened.

If you wish to enjoy a refreshing beverage, remember to order a delicious "Mojito", which is prepared with white rum, lemon juice, sugar, mineral water, and mint leaves. Also, daiquiris and Cuban coffee are very traditional in the region.

You will find traditional Cuban dishes at La Bodeguita del Medio, popular restaurants for tourists with branches out of the island; and Floridita Restaurant, which serves dishes representative of the Cuban cuisine, from the simplest to the most exotic.

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Café cubano,Havana, Cuba, Cuba

Café cubano Traditional Cuban strong coffee, served in a thimble-sized cup.

Ajiaco,Havana, Cuba, Cuba

Ajiaco Soup made with corn and meat, including pork, chicken, and beef.

Cocada,Havana, Cuba, Cuba

Cocada Coconut sweet with sugar and oils.

Congri,Havana, Cuba, Cuba

Congri Dish prepared with fried rice, beans, onion, and bacon.

Mojitos,Havana, Cuba, Cuba

Mojitos Refreshing drink prepared with white rum, sugar, mineral water, and mint leaves.

Moros y cristianos,Havana, Cuba, Cuba

Moros y cristianos Traditional mixture of rice and beans.