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Typical food of Guaymas, Mexico

Considered one of the strongest producers of shrimp and oysters in northern Mexico, Guaymas has an exquisitely varied cuisine ranging from dry meat to sea products

Guaymas is a beautiful port in the Mexican state of Sonora that will delight you with its exquisite dishes based on seafood and its steaks. As in most states, meat is widely consumed, especially dried meat, which is also used in other dishes such as tacos, machaca, and machaca con huevo, enjoyed with delicious wheat tortillas and a hot sauce. In Guaymas it is more common to use shrimp, oysters, fish, and seafood. Delighting your palate is extremely easy, since Guaymas offers its giant shrimp, that you can enjoy at any restaurant on the shoreline.

But if you want to try a really delicious typical and regional dish, pargo zarandeado is your best option, which is cooked over firewood, wrapped in banana leaves, and seasoned with spices; it is widely recommended to enjoy it with a cold beer. The caguamanta with manta ray steak, vegetables and seasonings, is another regional specialty.

To accompany these dishes, there is nothing better than the typical bacanora, a type of mezcal. And to sweeten your palate, you can enjoy pepitorias and jamoncillos. 

Remember to visit the restaurants El Esterito, Los Barcos, or Los Arbolitos to savor these delicious seafood specialties.

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Camarones gigantes,Guaymas, Mexico

Camarones gigantes Exquisite larger shrimp seasoned with lemon juice and served with vegetables.

Pargo zarandeado,Guaymas, Mexico

Pargo zarandeado

Dish cooked over firewood, wrapped in banana leaves. The fish is seasoned with species.

Coctel de mariscos,Guaymas, Mexico

Coctel de mariscos Mixed seafood, especially shrimp and oysters, seasoned in lemon juice and served with vegetables and sauces.

Bacanora,Guaymas, Mexico


Typical beverage based on mezcal.

<p>Pepitorias</p>,Guaymas, Mexico


Craft sweet made from peanuts, sugar, and brown sugar.