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Typical food of Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is a cosmopolitan city with a varied gastronomy. At this destination you can find many restaurants serving meals from all over Mexico and the world, but there are also some dishes that have been adopted by locals and can be considered as typical recipes.
The traditional dishes that you can enjoy when you visit the beautiful beaches of Cancun include Pescado a la Tikin-Xic, fish prepared with annatto, sour orange, peppers, tomatoes, red onions, and spices. This fish is usually grilled over charcoal, wrapped in banana leaf, and bathed in beer and olive oil.

Another delight are the famous Kibis, baked wheat balls stuffed with cheese or meat with chopped onion and habanero chili or sour orange slices. This particular snack with Arabic influence is offered in glass cases at Playa Delfines (where you can taste your kibis while admiring the turquoise blue sea) or near shopping centers.

In this city you can also enjoy some of the most delicious dishes of the typical cuisine from Yucatan, such as "Relleno negro," "Panuchos," "Salbutes," "Papadzules," and "Cochinita Pibil" tacos, a recipe consisting of pork prepared with annatto and sour orange, and accompanied by red onions and black beans. They all have in common the corn tortilla.

To cool off, you can buy a cold coconut or a glass of orange juice outside Market 28 or in a vending cart around the town. A very healthy beverage in this region is the "Chaya" flavored water, made with a very nutritious local plant that has been used since the time of the Mayans to prepare multiple recipes.

After a meal you can enjoy a "Marquesita," an exquisite and typical dessert from Yucatan, made ​​of a pancake-type dough with bits of almond, egg, sugar, and chocolate or lemon zest. This mixture is cooked on a round griddle and rolled to become crispy, and is filled with Dutch Edam cheese and an extra ingredient such as Nutella, blackberry, strawberry, or any other kind of jelly.

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Peixe à Tikin-Xic,Cancun, Mexico

Peixe à Tikin-Xic Charcoal grilled fish marinated in annatto and accompanied by vegetables.

,Cancun, Mexico

Quibe Baked or fried wheat balls stuffed with cheese or meat, and accompanied by chopped red onion, sour orange, and habanero chili.