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Typical food of Buenos Aires City, Argentina

The cuisine of Buenos Aires combines Italian, Spanish, and Creole traditions, being an authentic and different cuisine from the rest of America. High-quality meats, fish, pasta, and patties are some of its main specialties.
Buenos Aires is one of the cities in central Argentina that has received more European influence, specially Italian and Spanish. In addition, this city has been a major producer of beef, earning gastronomic reputation. The most typical dishes of the city are beef, "milanesa" (breaded thing cuts of meat), "bife" (steaks), pizza (which is more similar to the Italian calzone), "Fugazzeta", "farinata" (a thin Italian bread), and pasta, including noodles, ravioli, and cannelloni. Other very traditional dishes are the patties and "sorrentinos", which are a type of larger ravioli stuffed with mozzarella cheese, ricotta, and ham. The "Choripan", consisting of a grilled sandwich prepared with French bread and chorizo on the grill, is also very popular in the region and it is usually flavored with a sauce called "chimichurri", an Argentine dressing prepared with parsley, chili, and oregano.

There are some very famous wines that were made by the Jesuits in Alta Gracia and produced in La Costa, which are sometimes mixed with soda (mineral water). "Yerba mate" is a herb consumed in all Argentina; it is boiled and served as coffee or tea, you can add milk or sugar to improve its bitter taste.

After trying any of these delicious dishes, you should enjoy the traditional "alfajor", which is a biscuit covered and filled with milk caramel, or if you prefer, you can also savor fruit pastes from Spanish origin. On the Argentine tables you can also find scones, milk sweets and "dulce de batata", sweets made of sweet potato with cheese.

The city features numerous restaurants and bars for all tastes. One of them is Café Tortoni, where you cannot only enjoy delicious traditional dishes, but you can also admire permanent art exhibitions and get a souvenir. Lola Restaurant is also a great choice since you can admire caricatures of the mayors on all its walls. This European-style restaurant will delight you with its special dish "Tenderloin", consisting of beef stuffed with gruyere cheese and mushrooms, as well as some other regional and international specialties.

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Parrillada Completa,Buenos Aires City, Argentina

Parrillada Completa Mixture of red and white meats roasted on the grill or in a wood oven.

Pizza,Buenos Aires City, Argentina

Pizza Pizza with meat and vegetables.

Alfajor,Buenos Aires City, Argentina

Alfajor Biscuit filled and covered with milk caramel.

Facturas,Buenos Aires City, Argentina

Facturas Small pastries made of wheat, barley, or oatmeal, and topped with cream, marmalade, fudge, and sugar.

Bife de chorizo,Buenos Aires City, Argentina

Bife de chorizo Sirloin steak of about 400 grams (0.8 lb). It can be accompanied by fries or salad.